Choosing me will provide you access to a team of experts who will create a winning strategy to improve your digital presence. Charbros chose me to do the deed. Based on a clear statement that outlined the website’s goals, I created a highly functional and user-friendly website which was unique and has a distinctive effect that replicates the accessibility glow. The steps I took to furnish it added a dynamic and engaging nature to the website.



Chabros combining design, technology and nature to deliver innovative and alluring products that lead to a sustainable and durable environment. Through generations, their love for traditional wood craftsmanship has been earning the respect of woodworking joineries, consultants, interior designers, architects, and building contractors.
Amid a competitive market, our social responsibility and a wide spectrum of veneer and wood products have allowed me to deliver perfect customer satisfaction, and stay on top of the minds of my partners and clients.



When I first began working with Chabros, they were having trouble marketing their service to a larger audience. Due to the scale and complexity of their projects, they need considerable marketing to produce leads and awareness at the same time.

Another difficulty was to distinguish Chabros from its opponents. They offered incredible services like joineries for woodworking, consultants, interior designers, architects, and building contractors, but they needed a website to highlight their unique offerings and let visitors learn more about them. My objective was to make that distinction and advertise Chabros’ services on a user-friendly website which could capture users’ attention




The major objective was to give the website a contemporary and modern vibe on all of its pages.

The design I ultimately settled on was created with the purpose of exuding approachability and transparency. By urging visitors to browse the website and find all of their queries answered, I intended to contrast it with Chabro’s reputation as being simple to deal with. I created the detail pages for the various projection screens, positioning them on a platform that highlights the screen’s important attributes. Users can then investigate why one screen would be a better fit for their needs than the other one they were considering.

To avoid overwhelming the user, I made sure to make it highly visual by using icons rather than a lot of words. The step-by-step inquiry assists the customer in reducing their options, providing just a few projected screens that are suitable for their requirements. Planning was required for the filters as well; I had to consider how the qualities linked to one another as well as how the results would change depending on which attributes were checked off.