I amconstantly the one to take the lead when it comes to developing a brand identity. Orion is undoubtedly a huge draw when you take into consideration some of the top thermal imaging manufacturers in UAE and Middle East marketplaces. Based on a clear statement that outlined the website’s goals, I created a highly operational and user-friendly website. Each category page also features a unique effect that mimics the accessibility light and makes the website more lively and interesting. 


Orion is the leading thermal imaging manufacturer in UAE and Middle East markets. The only company that offers value-for-money thermal imaging solutions to their customers. Their products are reliable, accurate, and easy to use. The advanced technology used by Orion ensures high-quality images even in zero-light conditions.



Orion sells incredibly versatile thermal imaging solutions, and they wanted to accurately reflect that on their website so that potential customers would understand the items they are buying. Each product is extremely effective and required its own page to demonstrate its significance on the website, which can further help them entice in their target market. In order to convey the professionalism they give through their products, we had to build an exceptionally functional website. My goal was to establish a contrast between Orion and its competitors.



It was time to start the development after the strategy had been put in place. While developing the visual strategy for the initial stage of the project, I had a roller coaster ride of different ideas. I decided to use a vibrant and energizing red along with a striking black accent against a bright, white background in order to inject some new life into the site’s design.

I chose visuals with a cinematic vibe to use throughout the site. The font family I used for the site’s typography was chosen especially for the use on professional website. It is a user-friendly, easily readable font. To provide maximum readability for a diverse audience with a variety of visual abilities, I used larger paragraph and title sizes. The structure for page had to be developed in a way that would provide the Orion admin the freedom to modify the pre-defined “basic components” with as much or as little information as they deemed.  To ensure that the visual design of the website didn’t suffer from varying content levels, the website is also precisely synchronized. This delicate balance was a challenge that our development team met head-on, to turn around a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use website.